Environmental Technologies

Mercury Stone Environmental provides a range of environmental technologies, combined with extensive technical and regulatory expertise to address complex waste management challenges in nuclear and industrial markets.

Our Hydrex12 sorbent material has been successfully deployed in the UK to encapsulate liquid waste, securing it in a solid matrix, dramatically reducing its hazard potential.  Waste packages have been approved for long-term storage as well as final disposition in a repository, in the case of Low Level Waste.  Our team have supported the development of specialist packaging and encapsulation solutions for solid waste, including reactor fuel rod disposal.

Supporting site clean-up for a better environment

We support the full waste management lifecycle, whether it is for storage, recycling or final disposition in a repository. Every nuclear and industrial site presents its own unique challenges, often requiring tailored management strategies and bespoke technical solutions. Our engagement model is to work as partners to our clients ensuring that technical solutions are fit for purpose and effectively deployed.


Waste Management & Recycling Consultancy

Effective and efficient waste management and recycling strategies are critical to minimise environmental impact, but more than that, innovative approaches can drive a step change in performance and profitability. Our ethos is "do it once, do it right", which starts with effective strategy development and planning.


Waste Encapsulation Technologies

Our Hyrdrex12 Absorber Block Technologies and package design expertise support the development of Nuclear Waste Solutions suitable for final disposition in a repository. Transforming liquid into solid waste dramatically reduces hazard potential and creates passively safe waste packages for long term storage or disposal. Hydrex12 captures a wide range of isotopes including; Cobalt, Uranium, Plutonium, Cesium 137/134, Carbon14, Strontium and Tritium.


Waste Package Development

Package design sits hand in hand with our waste encapsulation technologies to support safe storage and monitoring of hazardous materials ahead of final disposal.


Utilising technologies proven in the UK Nuclear market over the last 25 years

Our Philosophy

To minimise the cost and environmental impact of waste, while seeking opportunities for reuse

While nuclear power has provided enormous amounts of low carbon energy, its development has left behind legacy waste consisting of a wide range of categories, all of which need careful and thoughtful management.  We believe in the power of innovation along side the intelligent application of proven technologies will minimise the environmental impact of contaminated waste and cut the cost for storage and disposal.

These principles of effective waste management apply equally in the Oil and Petrochemical industries.  Meanwhile the emerging green technologies present new challenges in relation to the optimum management of precious resources and the minimisation of the environmental impact, from extraction through to recycling.

Safety through Innovation

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